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9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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System For Monitoring and Controlling Industrial Lighting With Amazon Alexa

Intelligent devices, used along with sensors, are becoming more common-place in industrial contexts. One such device, Amazon Echo (which runs Amazon Alexa), can be used to interact with other industrial systems via voice commands. Taking advantage of this, a skill to control the illumination system of a company has been developed, while also being able to measure power consumption in real time. Besides Echo, the system employs easily obtainable electronic components such as NodeMCU4 and Sonoff Pow, while running open-source software like IDE Arduino and Amazon Devel-oper. Besides the voice commands, the system can be controlled via a cell phone touch app and a manual system. Tests show the skill successfully con-trols the illumination system and provides accurate power consumption data in real time. This skill can also be replicated in other industrial contexts.

Manuel Ignacio Ayala Chauvin
Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica

Fernando Saá
Universidad Tecnológica Indoamerica

Fernando Villarroel Córdova
Instituto Superior Tecnológico Baños

Albert de la Fuente Morato
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña


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