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9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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A Model For Designing Smes’ Digital Transformation Roadmap

Industry 4.0 confronts companies, in particular SMEs, with various technological, organizational and cultural challenges with great impact on traditional business models. This paradigmatic socio-technical shift, implies the redefinition of the role of people in the organisation, the integration of all organisational decision layers (from the factory floor to the decision support structures) and the digital connection of the entire value chain, including processes, people and machines. However, the lack of qualified resources and the lack of an holistic understanding of industry 4.0 derail SMES' digital transformation journey. This research work discusses the need for industry 4.0 re-conceptualisation, tailored to SMES' needs. A lightweight ontology is presented and discussed how it contributes to the organisation and structuring a Community Of Practice, to share knowledge in the context of SMES’ industry 4.0 initiatives. Despite of the discussed use case, the developed artefact might be used to assess SME's digital readiness.

Luís Cunha

Cristóvão Sousa


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